Marketing Evaluator

Evaluate your Advertising Creative Copy Here!

Use this tool to evaluate the effectiveness of your website copy, social media posts, print ads, and more! It is vital that your marketing message – REGARDLESS OF THE MEDIUM (that is to say whether it is digital, print, or something completely different) – must follow the “Conversion Equation” model.

The first section of your message is INTERRUPT.  It needs to get your target prospect’s attention quickly. As they scroll through Reels, emails, the business section, whatever, …this “Interrupt” message needs to latch onto their conscious brain quickly. A good example would be a headline that reads, “Is your child being taught by a sex offender?” If I am a parent of a pre-schooler, that headline has 100% of my attention.  AND, if I was the pre-school owner, I have just opened the door to explaining how my teachers are pre-screened, thoroughly vetted, and light-years better than what the competition has to offer.

The next piece of the equation is ENGAGE. Now that you have their attention by addressing the target segment’s perceived problem, you need to recommend a brilliant solution. In this case, it is a more secure environment with a higher standard for faculty.

This is followed by EDUCATE. You need to provide support and proof that your alternative is the right solution for their problem.

And the final element is OFFER. Make them an offer that they can’t refuse …really. Once they know that you perfectly address a problem that has been keeping them up at night (even though they may not have consciously thought about it in months), AND you give them an offer that provides incredible value for their expense, AND you have some limitation on availability creating urgency to seize the opportunity now …the will buy.

So, grab your most recent ad copy and settle into the Conversion Equation Evaluator below.  Your bottom line will thank you for it.